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Photo Gallery

Aug 27
Prairie Partners (Bohdan, Jane and Andrea Popowich) took in Fr. Vasyl and Fr. Bryan for supper, stories ... well, food for body and soul as the sun set on Foam Lake. Andrea is planning to travel to Sydney, Australia with a group of Ukrainian Catholics from across Canada.

Aug 28
The Ryczaks offered a nice warm meal for Fr. Bryan as the icon traveled through Theodore, SK.

Aug 29
St. Michael's School hosted the icons in their gymnasium while Fr. Bryan spoke about World Youth Day.


Aug 29
Children from the Student's Council held the WYD icons as well as displaying the handkerchief from WYD 2002 held in Toronto. The cross on the table was blessed by Pope John-Paul II at the closing mass of WYD 2002 and is used in the school now.

Aug 29
The WYD icons were carried around St. Michael's School yard to begin their participation in PACE as Virtual Pilgrims.

Aug 30
The icon was also taken to the Schools of Christ The Teacher Catholic School Division. At St. Theodore, the school body gathered to hear about the WYD icon, about how blessed we are to have the school we attend, and the web page paceyourself.ca. They also learned how they can become Virtual Pilgrims by participating in sending the WYD icon overseas to Sydney.

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