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Photo Gallery

Sep 2
The next morning at the 10am service, other pilgrims that are planning to attend World Youth Day in Sydney were present to pray with the icon. To Fr. Bryan's left stand 3 members of the Ruf family as well as Doreen Clark.

Sep 2
That Sunday afternoon more pilgrims that will be travelling to Sydney carried the icon. Holding the youth banner that will travel with the group of 20 from St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church include Nadia Ruf, Caly Maleschuk, Jordon Ruf, Jennifer Ruf and Darlene Shymanski.

Sep 2
One more pic before they headed toward Roblin, MB.

Sep 2
It always helps to have some company on the road. Two bikes traveled together that day.

Sep 3
The long weekend made it possible for other pilgrims from St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church to take the icon further to Dauphin, MB. Holding the youth banner (left to right) is Lana Klemetski, Brenda Bohach, Donna Lazurko, Ashley Stokes and Lawrence Klemetski.

Sep 5
The WYD icons made it to Dauphin, MB. St. Paul's Nursing Home under the capable direction of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, welcomed the icon for a few days.

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